Wall Mount PPE Dispenser | Large PPE Vending Machine

Wall Mount PPE Dispenser | Large PPE Vending Machine

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Our Wall Mount PPE Dispenser designed to be convenient and easily accessible. Small and compact you can practically install them on any wall that your employees and or customers have access to. By installing this PPE vending machine you will show your customers and employees that you are going the extra yard to ensure they have PPE at their fingertips.

1. Wall mountable
2. Product Flexibility
3. 1 Person install in minuets
4. Credit Card Reader Capable
5. Accountability and Product Inventory Capable
6. Perfect for face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves
7. Easily configured to many travel size PPE products
8. Touch Screen Comes with a modern 7” inch touch screen
9. Keyhole slot and screw hanging method Hardware Included
10. Bill Validators comes installed with the ability to take $1 and $5 dollar bills.
11.1 year all parts warranty! Every machine comes with, in house FREE over the phone tech support.

12. The PPE STATION is designed to serve everyone. When installed so the top of the screen is 48′′ off the ground, you will ensure access to employees/customers who use
  • Dimensions: H 47.25" W 27.5"  D 7.8"
  • Weight 75 lbs.
  • 9 Shelves
  • 9 Selections
  • 30 Items per Coils
  • Capacity 135 - 270 products depending on the configuration
  • MDB
  • Power Standard 110 -115 VAC

Custom wrap your customers know what your brand is all about! Get your PPE
machine fully custom wrapped for only $195 more! Design and installation are included.