USA Technologies ePort G10-S Vending Machine Credit Card Reader
USA Technologies ePort G10-S Vending Machine Credit Card Reader

USA Technologies ePort G10-S Vending Machine Credit Card Reader

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The ePort G10-S is the first cashless payment solution for vending machines, to partner with Verizon 4G LTE wireless service. The ePorts G10-S is a perfect way to increase your sales and lower your overall operating cost.

What does this mean for you as a business? 

Fast Transaction Processing, Verizon 4G LTE is state of the art processing that allows data to travel fast, and secure. The ePort G10-S has the ability to achieve the fastest transaction response time in the vending industry. 

Maximum Data Capture. Cash, Coin, Mobile Pay, Credit Card, its all counted and calculated for on you  USALive website portal. Isolated Pulse Interface with configurable timing allows for the telemetry to count all monetary value in the reports. 

Mobile Pay Ready, meaning your customers can pay with their mobile phone, apple watch, Samsung pay and more.  

Remote Management, the days of manual counting is over. The USA T ePort G10-S captures real-time sales, machine alerts, scheduling, service tracking and more via the USALive website.

PCI compliance is important, The The ePort G10-S operates under the highest level of PCI compliance and security standards in the industry. USAT is certified by the VISA C.I.S.P. program and as an additional security measure, all ePort hardware passes the documented requirements for a PCI Level 1 audit regularly.

The ePort G10-S is a two-piece kit. The first part is the vending machine credit card reader which allows for both the traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards along with the newer, NFC technology found in contactless cards and mobile wallets.

The second piece is the telemeter.  This device provides you with all your sales, machine, alerts, inventory and much more. The ePort G10-S is a perfect minimalistic design with superior security features making it the undisputed best-in-class solution for vending machines, kiosks, amusement games, and much more.

The ePort G10-S is Suited for both indoor and outdoor applications like Vending, Retail Kiosks, Amusement, Transportation, Unattended Payment, Laundry, Parking, Carwash, and OCS.

  • Monthly Fee: $7.95 per month, per device
  • Transaction Fee: 5.95% for purchases under $2, larger transactions incur a smaller fee per transaction